Hands down the best grief book I have ever read is Megan Devine’s It’s OK that You’re Not OK. What do I like about it? It validates your feelings. Truly. I find that often when we are grieving, we end up babysitting other people’s feelings. When they ask if you’re OK…do they actually want the truth or do you find yourself saying “Oh, I’m doing OK, thanks for asking”, but really you just want to say “Today sucks. I got an email from Target reminding me that my baby registry isn’t complete, and it was a slap in the face because there isn’t a baby to get gifts for!” Megan is a psychotherapist that has experienced her own loss, and has firsthand knowledge how uneducated our American culture is when it comes to grief and death. I highly recommend this book and have gifted it many times to friends and family. So here is my review of the BEST GRIEF BOOK!

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